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Images for the 21st Century.
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LOCATION: Czech Republic


WHAT WE DO: We are a non profit organization founded for the production of literary, visual and music art, to communicate Biblical ideas, principles and stories to the current generation.

Our Team: 

Daniel Raus is a journalist and author of several books of poetry. Hubert Bittman is a Grammy Award winning music producer and composer. They both have wide international professional experience.


Our Programs:

We have been working on several projects. One of them is the musical "Star", which describes ancient history through popular music, acting and contemporary lyrics. It is a follow up to another successful project of audio-books "Biblical Poetry Remastered", a poetic rewriting of five books from the Bible (Song of Songs, Job, Ecclesiastes, Psalms and Proverbs).


Our Values:


We believe in the transforming power of old Biblical stories when communicated through the language of current art. The richness of our civilisation stems from Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman foundations.

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