Christian Heritage

Commending the Christian faith through cultural apologetics in the heart of the university city of Cambridge, England.




WHAT WE DO: Our work is based at the Round Church, where we maintain a Visitor Centre and a Scriptorium (writing room). We welcome visitors to explore the rich Christian Heritage of Cambridge by engaging with our exhibitions and joining one of our guided walks. From the Scriptorium we run projects in apologetics which engage key issues of the day with the biblical worldview. Guests are invited to join us in the writing room and around the lunch-table for discussions of these issues, and we put on frequent lectures and other events, all designed to provide a way in to considering the truth, beauty and goodness of Christianity.

Our Mission:

We are a community committed to cultural apologetics. Based at the Round Church in the historic centre of Cambridge, we seek to commend publicly the truthfulness of Christianity with an intellectual integrity that is biblically formed, historically grounded and culturally engaged.

Our Team:

We employ four staff members who raise their salary support to minister with us. Andrew Fellows is our Director, Jack Harding is Researcher and Scriptorium Coordinator, Joshua Kellard is Researcher and Guided Walks Coordinator, Jon Savage is our Projects Coordinator and Dr. Alice Soulieux-Evans is our Historian-in-residence.

Our Roots:

Christian Heritage was founded in 2000 by Ranald Macaulay, son-in-law of Francis and Edith Schaeffer. We function within the L’Abri tradition, with an emphasis on living out the Christian faith in community and thoughtfully exploring its implications for all of life.


Partner With Us:

We are set up to receive donations for Christian Heritage (Most Urgent Need), for the Fellows (Andrew and Helen) and for the Kellards (Joshua, Dilara and Caspian). When giving, please indicate where you would like your gift to be allocated.