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D3 Association


LOCATION: Slovakia


WHAT WE DO: D3 Association is an international network of individuals and entities journeying with youth, people in transition and professionals as they experience change and seek development in every aspect of life. As people are engaged in spiritual transformation they join in community and participate in the spiritual restoration of the societies of Central Europe.

Our Mission:

We believe the way for us to transform our society is by transforming individuals: one by one, life after life, the same way Christ Jesus changed the world.


Our Programs:


The Navigators are developing new ministry platforms in many countries of Central Europe. In Slovakia the "D3 Centre for Applied Ethics" works alongside the CS Lewis School. In Romania and Bulgaria "D3 Generations" runs spiritual transformation and mentoring programs in several colleges. In Poland and some other countries individuals work in a wide variety of contexts to invest in people's lives.

Our History:

In the last century Central Europe was devastated from outside and inside. From the outside, fascist concentration camps came from the west and Communist gulags came from the east. Consequently, Central Europe was shattered from the inside by liberalization of religions, weakening of moral values, two world wars and by a strong decrease of trust, the most valued social capital.

Our Team:

  • Milan Cicel - Director, Bratislava.

  • Dusan Jaura - D3 School for Applied Ethics, Bratislava.

  • Stefan Machajdík - Financial Director, Bratislava.

  • Pavol Kailing - Mentor, Bratislava.

  • Marek Rohácek - Mentor, Bratislava.

  • Daniel Laco - Family Camp Leader, Bratislava.


Our Values:

We stand for three values: the Bible, vocation and investing in next generations.

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