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Counseling Center




WHAT WE DO: Encourage and counsel Polish pastors and Christians who are facing personal and spiritual challenges in their lives.

Our Mission:

To encourage and equip Christian leaders, pastors and individuals by giving them time, space, and help to strengthen their personal relationship with God.



Our Programs:


  • "Individual counseling" - we offer a counseling/ discipling ministry, for individuals who are facing various struggles in their ministry and/or personal life.

  • “Touch-point” house - a  place dedicated to serve to those who are actively involved in  ministry. It is a refuge where individuals/couples can come and have an opportunity to experience a change from their daily routines in order to gain some healthy distance and perspective. It is a quiet place where they can concentrate and have undisturbed quiet time with God, and if they want, they can find help, encouragement, counseling, comfort while looking for answers to issues and questions that they are struggling with. The residents of "Touch Point-house" have access to a vast library of books, CD,DVD ( in both English and Polish). It is a place of refuge and quiet, where individuals have time and space to allow God to touch their hearts, where they can renew their faith, clarify their vision & convictions, and refresh their mind and body in HIS word.

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