Moscow, Russia

Trustee on the Board of Directors and the Director of LEI, Neil leads from the front by serving as Project Manager for our Russian partners.




Juls (Ania) lives in Poland, where she and her husband are actively involved in ministry both locally and around the Eastern European/Central Asian region. She personally primarily focuses on disciple-making through Bible study groups, one-to-one ministry and counseling. She works alongside her husband in many varied evangelistic outreaches and serves various  local mission-minded organizations such as Daybreak, Mission to the East,  InterServe and Central Eurasian Partners.


Moscow, Russia

Trustee on our board of Directors, Jane finds ways to disciple women who love to study the Bible with her.



Budapest, Hungary

Steve and Lidia Herrmann, married for close to three decades, live in Budapest, Hungary. (Both are dual citizens, American and Hungarian.) Steve has been in the country for 20+ years, and functionally fluent in the Hungarian language. Lidia is a native and fluent in English and German. Both of them work as school teachers. Steve teaches conversational English at the high school level. Lidia teaches all subjects at the elementary level and foreign language to all levels, 1-12. By building a strong relationship with students, Steve has been able to stay in contact with them long after graduation and continue to exert influence, inviting them to study the Bible. He is also becoming a key member of the congregation. Lidia has head up a country-wide mothers' prayer ministry since 2005. They both also reach out in their neighborhood, and through other natural contacts. God is good, always!