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Integra Foundation

Business Solutions to Poverty


LOCATION: Slovakia


WHAT WE DO: We provide opportunities for a life of dignity for the vulnerable though:

  • education and nutrition programs for at-risk African children

  • fair trade value chains that employ and engage thousands of African farmers

  • humanitarian relief to communities around the world stricken by famine, disaster, conflict and persecution

Our Mission:

We create a life of opportunity for the most vulnerable people, around the world.


Our Programs:


  • Malaika: Breaking the cycle of poverty for vulnerable African children

  • Fair Trade: Creating economic opportunities for permanent solutions to poverty

  • Humanitarian Relief: Responding to the suffering brought on by conflict and disaster, around the world

Our History:

Since 1995, Integra has provided sustainable solutions to poverty in Central Europe and Africa. ​

Our Team:

  • Director: Allan Bussard

  • Malaika: Ivana Corbova

  • Fair Trade: Peter Kolarovsky

  • Humanitarian Relief: Bohuslava Banova 


Our Values:

We work to create sustainable solutions to poverty and suffering that provide a life of dignity for the vulnerable, in the name of Christ.

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