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Mirt Ministry Center

"To Think and to Believe"




WHAT WE DO: Mirt develops the integrity and skill of Christian leaders working in the Church to extend God's Kingdom in Russia.

Our Mission:

Mirt strives to unite Christian faith described in the Bible with everyday life by helping people who desire to know better their God, themselves and their neighbors.

Our Programs:
  1. Mirt News Magazine is independent, non-denominational and Russian led. The thought provoking articles examine the difficult and practical issues that face the Russian church today. It provides Russian authors the chance to develop their writing skills and begin a discussion with their readers about what interests them in the life of their local church.

  2. Mirt Books is an independent, non-denominational and Russian led publishing effort that for nearly 15 years has printed and sold books for Christian lay leaders. Orthodox, Evangelical and Charismatic believers have appreciated Mirt's steady commitment to Biblically based and well written books useful for Bible study, family advice or personal discipleship to keep growing in the Christian faith.

  3. Mirt Training encourages personal growth by a variety of training methods. Conducting seminars in large or small groups over a period of a few days or few weeks trainers attempt to help believers face their biggest challenges and find God's help through personal application of the Scripture. Taking on hard questions, real questions that have a major impact on today's Russian-speaking faith community is the heart of Mirt's ministry of discipleship.

Our Team:

  • Roman Nosach – Board Chair. Editor, Mirt Magazine.

  • Alyona Dengacheva – Book rights, Mirt Publishing.


Our Values:

  • Courage to think deeply about any faith issue.

  • Good humor and enough confidence in God to laugh when foibles are revealed or corruption is exposed.

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