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Mission to the East

Provides holistic investment in the lives of individuals in Poland and abroad to communicate the Good News and make disciples of Jesus Christ


LOCATION: Poland & Region


WHAT WE DO: We communicate the Good News by participating in people's lives, trying to respond to their legitimate felt needs. We send and then visit missionaries, to encourage and strengthen them in their work, while they are getting to know and live in a new culture, actively reaching out to their neighbors, co-workers, and friends with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to make disciples of all nations, communicating the Good News of Jesus by participating in people's lives, trying to respond to their legitimate needs, material and spiritual.

Our Strategy:


We are involved in short and long-term projects in Eurasia. We encourage everyone to make active use of their spiritual gifts, talents, education or professional skills. Therefore we are looking for teachers, business people, professionals, administrators, university students, who would like to serve in business initiatives, humanitarian projects, church work, educational initiatives or medical aid who would be a bright light for Jesus in a dark place. We want to show the love of Jesus through our lives so that others may know that we are HIS disciples by our love. 

Our Background:

For over 70 years, the communist authorities tried to mold all nations into one perfect, homogeneous Soviet society. This artificially created Soviet culture imposed the Russian language, communist ideology, an atheistic worldview, the celebration of Soviet festivals and the eradication of authentic local traditions. These millions of people who live in the vast steppes and high mountains of Central Asia, the Caucasus and elsewhere in the former Communist block are searching for a purpose to their lives, for their identity as individuals and nations.

These indigenous people groups today are looking for spiritual inspiration from either their pagan past or from their Islam roots. We, as Mission to the East, want to be there to share the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and touch their lives with HIS love.


Our Values:

We have a strong desire to be involved in Poland, the former Communist block of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, in their search to discover their destiny – both the earthly and the eternal, personal and national. We want to help them understand the Good News of Jesus Christ. We want to live and work alongside, to rub shoulders with these individuals and share HIS love with them

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