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Petko R. Slaveikov


Licensed Education for Children in Bulgaria


LOCATION: Bulgaria


WHAT WE DO: Now in its fourth year, Petko R. Slaveikov School in Sofia is the first independent Christian school in Bulgaria, offering a government-approved curriculum in a distinctive Christian environment. Currently, 40 primary-age children, receive a high quality and accessible education. Plans are to expand the numbers and move to a larger, permanent building.

Our Mission:

Reach the next generation of Bulgarian leaders in education, politics and business by grounding their education on Christian ethics and spiritual values.

Our Programs:

We provide an elite education for 40 primary-age children, while caring for individual student needs and fulfilling national and European Union program standards. Class size is averages 12 students and the school day runs from 8AM to 6PM. English instruction is included as are creative projects about national writers and history. Varied menu for lunch and qualified medical nurse is available. Sports programs and additional courses are available such as: piano, art, swimming, national dance, personal finances.

Currently our school is located in a beautiful two-story building with comfortable classrooms, music room and courtyard for recess and games.

Our Team:

  • Nadya Stoykova, Director

  • Gergana Baykusheva, Assistant Director

Our Board consists of highly qualified specialists, proven leaders with solid character and abilities. Our teacher corps also requires members to be highly qualified specialists with proven intellectual, emotional and moral characters.​​

Our Values:

  • Friendly atmosphere that encourages partnership between parents and teachers.

  • Unique worth, gifting and needs of each individual student.

  • High personal example of ethical standards set by teachers.

  • Accountability of school administration to students and parents. This is based on mutual agreement to provide excellent academic instruction, in a disciplined and ethical environment.

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