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Porta Libri

Books that help you grow as a whole-of-life disciple of Jesus. 


LOCATION: Slovakia


WHAT WE DO: Porta libri is an independent Christian publishing house in Slovakia. We bring the high-quality content to Slovak readers in the following fields: Family relations and child-raising, Study of the Bible and Theology, Biographies of leading Christian thinkers, Christian life and spiritual formation, Works of C.S. Lewis, Selected Christian fiction and poetry projects, Selected projects for children. Porta libri grew out of the Reformed Evangelical tradition and our mission is to bring the best out of that tradition for the benefit of all believers (as from a Lewis’ proverbial central hall of Christianity) or even to serve wider audiences in a public square. 

Our Team

Jana Hlatká - Publisher and Editor-in-chief, she is the one who makes things happen in the whole publishing process.

Marek Markuš - Chairman and CEO, a visionary who dreams of what could be and brings together the right process, people and money to bring it to life.

Peter Synak - CFO and COO, financial and operational brain - thanks to him the books and money are exactly where they are supposed to be. 

Hana Zimanová - our Sales manager, who makes sure orders are carried out and the customers are taken care of.

Jakub Uhlík - Marketing & Project manager for new innovative projects who takes us to new places through social media, podcasts, etc.

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