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Teachers College

"Building a center of excellence to educate the teachers of tomorrow"


LOCATION: Slovakia



The Teachers College in Bratislava aims to revolutionize the education provided to elementary and middle school teachers in central and eastern Europe. The vision carried by its team is that the Teachers College will become a major player in equipping the next generation of educators in Slovakia and abroad with the required skills and experience to become servant leaders and experts in their field, with the potential to bring about a positive change in society.

Our Mission:

We strive to educate the next generation of servant leaders to become experts in their field, with the capability to educate and innovate, and the ability to build inclusive communities.

Our Programs:

Four-year master’s program in Entrepreneurial and Innovative Education.



Placing an explicit emphasis on character education through dedicated modules and individual mentoring.


Encouraging entrepreneurial thinking and creating value and means to successfully implement new, financially sustainable ideas.


Offering a multidisciplinary study program and progressive specialization.


Providing learning opportunities for all.


Tackling questions such as how to capitalize on and adapt to technological developments in the field of education.

Our History:

We are a team of university teachers and social entrepreneurs with more than  25 years

of experience in education.​

Our Team

Director: Ivan Šiller

Project Advisor: Pavel Kailing

Character Education: David Laco

Innovation in Teaching Practice: Kristina Uhlikova

Science Departement: Daniel Nagaj

Art Departement: Tomáš Boroš

Our Values:

Through the creation of a Teachers College, we want to:


  1. Create a space for creative and critical people, who have a reflective attitude towards themselves and take responsibility for their own actions and offer outstanding formal and non-formal education to students from around the world, with a distinctive focus on intercultural understanding and leadership

  2. Support creative learning and innovative teaching, that pushes the boundaries of knowledge and responds in impactful and interdisciplinary ways to global and local challenges

  3. Emphasize the process of building communities, in which we can live out our values.

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