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Territory 2.2



Language school, business school, pre-school and kindergarten, widows ministry, camps for children and teenagers.



Non-government organization ‘Territory 2.2’

Our mission

Our fervent desire is to provide excellent services in an environment, which meet

people's needs and motivate them to develop their gifts, to realize their potential, to

become beneficial members of society and to know their God.

Our values

1. Bible-based, evangelical convictions of Director and Board
2. Evangelistically oriented
3. Indigenously led (by people in the EE region)
4. Autonomous (not controlled by any outside church or mission) 5. Focused on disciple-making

6. Focused on holistic ministry (need oriented-jobs, finance, and language) 7. Interdenominational/interchurch-open to all-believers and non-believers 8. Moving toward financial self-sustainability and profitability...
9. Professional services

10. Fair wages and fair prices
11. Striving toward godliness and excellence
12. Due diligence with regard to administrative issues...greater good as ethical base.

Our team

Myroslava Yaroshevych – a president of Territory '2.2', an organiser of children and teenagers' camps, a head of School of Leadership and Business for teenagers, a teacher of English, a founder of a private kindergarten.
Yurii Yaroshevych – a head of Language Center.

Svitlana Nedilko, Vira Karpuk, Alina Tkachuk – educators in a private kindergarten, teachers of English.
Denys Leontiev, Anastasiia Duka, Anastasiia Karpuk – children and teenagers' camp

Mariia Kotsiuba – a member of the Language Centre and a missionary. She is currently in Kenya, has been working with street children for a year.
Anna Slyva, Mariia Hodlevska – teachers of English at Language Centre, they also take part in organisation and conduction of camps.

Anna Slyva is also a responsible teacher of pre-school program.
Andrii Hodlevskyi, Yurii Yaroshevych – responsible for a technical support in camps.

Olena Sokolova – an administrator of Territory 2.2 initiatives, a helper in widows ministry.
Svitlana Sharaievska – a psychologist, responsible for widows ministry.

Our projects

-  Language Center, since 2014: language lessons for children and adults, 60 students.

-  Summer and winter camps for kids and teens, since 2014.

-  Clubs for teens

-  Leadership and Business School for teens, since 2018. (15 students)

-  Kindergarten (10 kids now): taking care of 2-5-year-old children, educating them, exposing English to them.

-  Pre-school: preparation for school, we teach 5-6-year-old children reading, writing, maths, English and other creative things. (1 teacher, a group of 12 students)

Tasks of the above mentioned projects

1. To provide quality services at a reasonable price
2. To provide an individual approach and a Christian (cultural, tolerant) attitude
3. To create a positive environment for self-realization and growth of the teacher, provide a decent reward for their work
4. To help unleash the potential of each student
5. To create a motivating environment and conditions for learning
6. To conduct clubs and camps for the practice of English and sharing of Christian values
7. To be interesting to children, youth and adults through a number of extracurricular activities: clubs, camps, concerts, performances, etc.

Slava Yaroschevych is in charge of all the projects except the widows, though each project has a team of mature workers.

- Widows ministry
Most of the widows we are serving to have found a job and are providing for their

children. The widows who have recovered a bit help the new ones to cope with their grief, give advice on necessary documents and other support. Three of the widows are volunteering now, many are active in helping with this ministry.


We focus on the widows who are underprivileged, those whose husbands died in the war zone, but they have no proof that they were killed in war action. These ladies have no help from the government as the war widows.

Another category we work with is the mothers of the soldiers who died in the war zone. They also need a support and counselling.

The ministry includes:

-  Monthly meetings with a large group of widows (30) since 2015 (Bible study, counselling, group therapy)

-  War orphans program twice a year

-  10 days retreat in a rehab center for 2-3 underprivileged widows, twice a year

-  Bible study, counselling, medical treatment

-  3 days retreat at the Lake Svityaz for a group of widows (20+2 volunteers)

-  Face to face meetings with widows for building relations and better

understanding of their needs.

Note: due to quarantine big group meetings are substituted for individual meetings and online meeting via Zoom.

A year ago at the conference CEP 2019 we talked about Svitlana Sharaevska. She is responsible for widows’ ministry. Though she has a disability because of disseminated sclerosis, she finds time and strength to serve others. Each month she spends a certain amount of money on medicine. It would be great to get some support for her.

Our current location:

Lutsk, Ukraine
Kravchuka street 26v

We share all our activities in 1 place

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