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Gospel to Eastern Europe

Bringing the transformative message of Jesus's
love to every corner of Eastern Europe.
Woman in a Field


LOCATION: Eastern Europe


WHAT WE DO: Gospel to Eastern Europe is a ministry deeply committed to bringing the transformative message of Jesus's love to every corner of Eastern Europe, reaching into homes and hearts with an unwavering dedication. 

About Gospel to Eastern Europe

This ministry places special emphasis on embracing women, widows, the less privileged, children, and notably, the Gypsy communities, recognizing the unique challenges and often overlooked struggles these groups face.


By organizing heartfelt events, forming intimate home groups, and employing other innovative approaches, Gospel to Eastern Europe nurtures inclusive, compassionate communities where the profound teachings and unconditional love of Jesus resonate deeply.


This ministry's approach is characterized by a profound depth of compassion, striving not just to meet spiritual needs but to also forge a strong sense of belonging and mutual support among those frequently marginalized or neglected by society.


For over 20 years, the dedicated team behind this mission has poured their lives into seeing souls awakened to hope. Venturing many miles across the nation, including into remote and hard-to-reach areas, they tirelessly work to equip evangelists, plant new churches, and witness individuals from all walks of life, including the Gypsy communities, committing their lives to the Lord.

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