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The Foundations Trust

Supporting a range of evangelical projects

and partnerships inCambridge and Europe


LOCATION: Cambridge, England


WHAT WE DO: The Foundations Trust supports a range of connected projects and partnerships committed to an evangelical vision for the supremacy of Christ in all things - both as the gospel carries implications for the whole of our lives as human beings, and also as our shared human experience contributes to the persuasive presentation of the gospel.

What We Do:

Based in the Round Church, our projects include the Cambridge Christian Study Centre, equipping local students, Life in the Round, engaging local residents, and the Christian Heritage Visitor Centre, reaching guests and tourists.

Our partnerships include the provision of administrative support and staffing expertise to a range of wider evangelical collaborations in university ministry, both in Cambridge and further afield with UCCF and IFES. Through these partnerships, we organise conferences and coordinate a range of ministry projects in Cambridge and Europe.

Our Team:

We employ two staff members who raise a portion of their salary support to minister with us. Andrew Fellows is our Apologist in Residence and Jon Savage is our Projects Manager.

Our Roots:

Originally called ‘Christian Heritage’, the charity was established 21 years ago by Francis Schaeffer’s son-in-law, the founder of English L’Abri, Ranald Macaulay.


From its outset the work has always ranged from student formation, through theological vision-setting and apologetics training, to direct public engagement, including by running the Round Church Visitor Centre, with its historical exhibition, walking tours and multilingual film expressly designed to introduce visitors and tourists to the Christian intellectual and moral foundations of Western culture.


The Trust now also supports a suite of university ministry projects sharing the same vision and values and working together in co-ordinated partnership, avoiding duplication and ensuring that their overall impact will be greater than the sum of their parts.

Partner With Us:

We are set up to receive donations for The Foundations Trust (General Fund), for the Fellows (Andrew and Helen) and for Jon Savage. When giving, please indicate where you would like your gift to be allocated.

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