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United for the Gospel

Proclaiming Christ:
Europe’s greatest need, Europe’s brightest hope
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LOCATION: Serving in 25 European countries


WHAT WE DO: To present every person complete in Christ (Colossians 1:28),
encouraging pastors and church leaders, lay people and not-yet-Christians throughout Europe to dig deeply into the gospel of Jesus Christ and to discover its life-transforming power for all of life.

Our Vision

As Europe becomes more secular, Europeans are feeling increasingly restless. At the same time, many young adults are finding fulfillment in Jesus Christ. We want to encourage this trend.

From Albania in the south to Finland in the north, from Poland in the east to the UK in the west, we are sponsoring conferences and seminars about the gospel of Christ – what it is, how it works and why it is important – and showing how this gospel impacts positively on every aspect of life – church, ministry, marriage, parenting, leadership, citizenship, fear, suffering, discouragement, and more.


Our Team

Headed up by Tim Savage (Th.M., Dallas Seminary; Ph.D., University of Cambridge), we root our preaching, teaching and discipleship in expository presentations from the Bible, and in the fervent prayer that the Holy Spirit would conform many hearts to Jesus Christ.


We work in partnership with the international wing of The Gospel Coalition, and other local churches and ministries which share the same gospel-focus.


Partner With Us

Please join us in prayer for a new Reformation in Europe. Please also consider helping to sustain this ministry financially. Every monetary gift will be used to fund gospel-conferences and seminars, gospel-training for pastors and church leaders, gospel-love for pastors and churches with physical needs, and gospel- translations of key biblical literature.

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