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Youth For Christ

Change Polish youth through the gospel.





YFC Poland is part of an international family - the "Youth for Christ International" organization. Present in Poland since 1993, YFC's main goal is to bring hope and encourage life-change through the message of the gospel. As the Good News is shared in various practical ways with young people in Poland, it continues to have a significant impact on the spiritual development of its volunteers and other ministry partners.

Our Mission:

Our goal is to be present in the lives of young people in the name of Jesus and to understand them in those areas where parents, local churches and young people themselves feel hopeless.

Our Programs:

  • Outgrowths of the YFC ministry: the music ministry of "Mateo", and the Christian counseling ministry Daybreak, as well as the SLOT art festivals. SLOT grew so big that it became an independent youth association that reaches thousands of young people in Poland each year.

  • The One-to-One Contact program and the opening of the community center. One-to-One is an effective way to reach youth in dysfunctional families of the "Bermuda Triangle" area of Wroclaw. We pair our YFC volunteers as an "older brother or sister" with underprivileged young people and children. These mentors and friends practically help out in all areas of their lives.

Our Values:

​We want to communicate the most important, life-changing values and the Christian message to young people using language and images they can understand. We want to recognize their passions, gifts and talents and to create opportunities for them to put these to use. We also want to invest in the lives of our volunteers as well as to partner with other organizations who share the same vision.

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